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Focus on People – Dallan works towards employing a diverse workforce including first nations and other visible minorities. Nearly one third of our employees are First Nation community members from all across Ontario. We strive to provide our employees with fair treatment and a challenging and rewarding career while maintaining a safe and environmentally friendly workplace.

Focus on Environment - Dallan believes that responsible environmental stewardship is essential to operating an efficient business and is also an ethical obligation. Our communities depend on the sustainability of the natural resources so the company recognizes the impact that responsible environmental commitment has in the communities that we operate and live in and also the long-term future of our company.

Focus on Equipment – It is essential for Dallan to ensure effective maintenance systems are in place in order to provide productive and efficient services. Reducing downtime and eliminating equipment malfunctions results in better customer service, reduced adverse environmental impact, fewer injuries and increased operational excellence.

Focus on Continuous Improvement – Dallan will not rest on its laurels and the status quo will never be acceptable. We will constantly measure results and continuously strive to improve upon those results. Challenging ourselves and setting targets and measuring ourselves based on those targets will be entrenched in to our day to day activities. Continuous Improvement will be built into our culture.

Focus on the Customer – Dallan prides itself on providing effective and efficient services to its customers while ensuring all Health & Safety and Environmental requirements are not only met but exceeded. We believe that all the other focuses listed above tie into providing the customer with an exceptional service that few others can meet.

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